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the types of rabbit

1 ANGGORA RABBIT.(anggora)

Angora rabbits are one of the oldest types of domestic rabbit, originating from Ankara, Turkey, which was first discovered and brought by British seamen. Was then taken to France in 1723. In 1777 Angora spread to Germany. In 1920 extends to Eastern European countries, Japan, Canada and the United States. Until now the center of France's largest Angora rabbit farms that produce wool.

In Indonesia angora rabbits in great demand as a kind of ornamental rabbits.

There are many types of angora rabbits, for example, French Angora, German Angora, Giant Angora, English Angora, Satin Angora, Chinese Angora, Angora Swiss, Finnish Angora, etc.. English angora rabbits angora is a descendant of the French (French angora).

Varied colors of white fur, brown, black, white black, agouti, white spots, gray, orange, and mixtures or combinations of colors page.

Angora rabbits is characterized by thick, soft fur all over the body surface. In addition there is another characteristic, that is the hair that grows on the tip of the ears and front legs, along with the long hair found on her body. This rabbit has a gentle temperament, but not suitable for people who do not like brushing their pets.

At maturity they can weigh 2.0 kg - 4.0 kg both male and female, and aged 5-7 years depending on the type of anggoranya. Maximum number of children in one birth as many as 6 tails. Rapid growth of the fur 2.5 cm per month, so be diligent to shave 6-8 cm every three month for fur does not clot.

2.LOP rabbits (ENGLISH LOP, HOLLAND LOP, etc.) 

Lop rabbits are there different kinds / types, such as english barrel, holland barrel, barrel dwarfs, american fuzzy barrel, Angora / angora barrel, french barrel, and so on. Among the various Lop rabbits mentioned above, the most famous relative is English Lop (Rabbit Lop English).
Characteristic of this type of barrel is generally the shape of the head width, and ears that hang from the base of the head to the side of the cheek, not like other rabbits, which generally have erect ears.
At an early age not indicated barrel rabbit ear that koploh, up to age 2-4 months before they see a change in the position of the ear. Glimpse of this type such as dogs, interesting, and very funny so many people liked.
Rabbits have long ears Holland barrel and falling, flat nose. While the French barrel has super long ears to the ground, but the type is quite difficult to live in Indonesia. 12-23cm body length. Color variations of white or gray. Red or brown eyes.  

3. Flemish Giant rabbits 

Flemish Giant rabbits, including the type of "giant" because of his immense size of the rabbits in general, the weight can reach 13 kg. This rabbit with special feed weighing 22.23 kg and never reach the Guinness World Records.
This bunny was originally a descendant of wild rabbits Argentina, in the 18th century Dutch traders brought the giant rabbit from Argentina to Europe and cultivate them. Official records of this species had just exist in 1860. Flemish giant rabbits originally developed in England only to meet the demand for rabbit meat in the country. Then the rabbit was spread throughout the world, because the demand for rabbit meat rabbits make this kind of rage and bred on a large scale in various countries.
Although this type of Flemish Giant rabbit meat in general, but in Indonesia tend to be a bunny rabbit pet or ornamental, especially for those who love the great body shape.
General characteristics of the Flemish Giant is having a long body (as an adult more than 51 cm), and a large, thick-boned, and full chest. Wide head, long ears and thick, and standing (as an adult length of the ears of more than 15 cm), and possessed great legs, long and sturdy.
The color of the Flemish giant rabbits recognized are black, blue, light yellow brown (fawn), abu2 light, such as sand (sandy), abu2 iron (steel gray), and white.  


 Rex rabbit fur is characterized in that smooth and soft as velvet. Rex was first discovered in France from the offspring of wild rabbits in 1919. They became known as published at the Paris International Rabbit Show in 1924. And years later began rex imported into the United States in large numbers.
Because of the beauty of fur, then this type of rabbit is widely cultivated as a producer of meat and fur in addition to a pet (a bunny ornament). Their exotic feathers are used as raw material for a jacket or clothing accessories.
Rex rabbits are there different kinds / types depending on the color of his fur, such as white rex, dalmatian rex (spotty), black rex, pappilon res, Ermine rex, rex blue, etc.. Some farmers in Indonesia to give his own name, such as rex tricolor (three colors), etc.. Rex rabbits are the most famous Rex White, white-haired smooth and thick.
Rex rabbit fur will be more subtle and beautiful feathers, the better quality if life in low-temperature environments, ranging from 5-15 C. But that does not mean it can not live in the tropics the temperature of the heat, it's just not as beautiful fur when living in cold regions.

 5. DUTCH rabbits (Rabbit NETHERLANDS)

Dutch bunny rabbit or also known as the Netherlands, originally came from the land of windmills (the Netherlands).
Dutch rabbit fur is short and rich colors, including black and white, brown, gray or blend color. Typical fur color, coiled like a white saddle on to the back of the neck to the back of the front legs and head black, brown or gray, white muzzle and forehead. Generally, the front legs entirely white, but there is not the case. The hind legs are generally black or another color with a white toe. There also has 3 different colors at once, often in a Dutch Tricoloured or font size.
Due to the unique combination of rich color and fur color, dutch rabbit is a rabbit's most favored by breeders and pet lovers.
Dutch bunny rabbit that is the sort of mini-sized or small, the weight of adult stem only from 1 to 2.5 kg. Rabbits are motherly female high fertility. Each time the bear, bunny tail produce children 7-8.  


These rabbits are from England and began bred in the 19th century, also known as the English rabbit (rabbit Britain). This rabbit is a giant cross flamish, English barrel, Patagonian, angora, dutch, silver and Himalayan.
Basic color is white and her spot. Other variations are black, brown, gray. Found throughout the body and the spot on the nose there is a big spot. English spot rabbit has a line of black, brown, or gray on her back, hair color black, brown or gray are also seen around the eyes, nose, and ears. In the abdomen there are spots (spots) in black, brown or gray.
Including the type of rabbit big, almost similar to the type of fur rex but more subtle.  

7. Himalayan rabbit (Rabbit CHINA / RUSSIA)

This rabbit has a different name or bunny rabbit china russia. Himalayam white rabbit interspersed with color around the nose, ears, tail, and on foot after they grow up with pink eye.
This Himalayan rabbit is one of the most popular and sought after in Indonesia.
Initially Himalayan rabbit has a standard weight from 2.5 to 4.5 kg, body slender and tube-like lying. But in the later development also coincided with the crossing-crossing, this time also many mini-sized, weighing about 1 kg. In the wild rabbits are active at night and sleep during the day.
Including small entities such as rabbit rabbit hotot, distinguishing features are the distinctive colors on the ears, face and legs. There are color variations of black, brown, and blue.  

8.Kelinci LION (Lionhead)

Rabbits lion was originally British Angora rabbits are not so, short ears, his face filled with long feathers, much like the lion (lion), which tends funny. Because of his head like a lion, then this condition is maintained and further called rabbit lion (lion).
Lion rabbits have shorter ears and typical elongated feathers that grow around the neck and face like a lion with a short body and round. When I was younger (around the age of 2 months), similar to angora lyon. Long feathers on its body evenly. So adults will be more obvious difference. The head and long neck feathers. The color range including white, black, gray, reddish brown, yellowish, etc..
Body size of this rabbit into the category of small to medium rabbits. Because the rabbit is still a close relative with angora, then every 3 months must be diligent to shave his fur is growing fast.  

9. Satin rabbit 
This species is originally from the United States, his body has a weight of 3.8 to 5.0 kg. They have a characteristic in a thick fur and feathers so tight spacing, slightly rounded head and erect ears are not so long.
In appearance similar to the type of rabbit Satin Rex rabbits, so it is often also called Satin Rex rabbits, but the fur is a bit thick and heavy, color varies, such as brown, red, beige, silver, and there is also a combination with white spots.
Satin rabbit is a long body, wide head, short neck, broad ears that looked balanced with the body. Looks strong bones, straight legs, and dark black nails.
Rabbits have 11 varieties of satin black, blue, California, broken, chinchilla, chocolate, copper, otter, red, and white conjoined. Satin rabbits, which first appeared Havana brown hare is a mutation, this mutation in the hair shaft in the form of lighting. To make the hair healthy and ideal body needed food with high protein and sunflower seeds and rabbit fur satin no special care is needed but only routine brushing hair.
Satin rabbits inventor Walter Huey of Indiana is derived from the development of rabbit Havana in 1930. Walter K rabbits subsequently sent to Harvard University where geneticists established the existence of new mutations is a recessive gene with a shiny coat and short hair texture. This mutation is similar to the mutation rex rabbits. Further satin rabbit gene was introduced in many colors including black, blue, California, chinchilla, chocolate, copper, otter, red, siam, white and broken varieties. This satin bunny is now dicrosskan with various types of angora rabbits including satin, satin and rex dwarf satin for various industrial purposes perkelincian.  

10. ND rabbits (Netherland Dwarf) 

Netherland Dwarf bunny rabbits this includes dwarf race that originally came from the Netherlands, often called a mini rabbit (for guinea pig). His adult weight under 1 kg. Her form was the short, slightly rounded head, short neck, so called lost rabbit neck, size small ears.
Its fur is thick, the color varies a lot because these rabbits are crossed, the most popular color is white with red eyes. This rabbit was found in 1940, later developed by J. Meijerig and C. W. Calcar, and spread to other countries, including Indonesia as ornamental animals, and many are menggemarinya.  

 11. NEW ZEALAND rabbit (WHITE, RED, BLACK, etc.)

Rabbits New Zealand including big rabbit, because of the rapid growth that is often bred for meat consumption (adult weight of about 5 kg more, his tail can reach 10-12). As the name implies, this type of rabbit is from New Zealand and was originally developed in New Zwaland other than his own, also in the United States and Australia. But now have spread all over the world, including Indonesia.
New Zealand rabbits have different colors and named for the color they will be, for example New Zealand White (white), New Zealand Red (red), New Zealand Black (black) and so on. The most popular is the New Zealand White rabbits, white fur is smooth, dense, thick, usually red eyes.  

12. Rabbit HOTOT

Hotot rabbit has a special mark that is the dark circles around his eyes, so it looks like a thick mascara or a ninja. This type of small-bodied rabbits, mostly white.  

13. Harlequin rabbit

Harlequin is called when there are different colors in a single individual with a regular pattern to form a straight line, for example brown, black, dark brown, reddish brown, gray, blue, silver, etc.. Therefore, rabbits with a combination of colors as it is called Harlequin rabbit.
Harlequin rabbit is stunning with its unique color combination of striped and mottled. Harlequin Rex as Rex body shape, body shape like a Harlequin Lop Lop, Harlequin Angora Angora looks like, and so on. 

 14. TAN rabbit

These included rabbits Tan little rabbit fur shiny reddish brown (some are black and gray). Warnyanya clear, bright, located under the chin to the chest, neck, and under the tail. The abdomen to the right in the front legs are also reddish brown, white paws. This type of race Tan rabbit is very suitable for the pet and loved.
Tan rabbit was found in 1880 in close Braillsford Culland Hall (Derbyshire), still wild and timid. Having bred rabbits born with the color combination of black and dark brown, blue and bluish-white (lilac). Rabbits are very handsome and kind of interesting. 

15. POLISH rabbit

Polish rabbits including rabbits petite bodied, smooth feathers and colored farrago. Erect ears, short inclined tapered round. His head was round and red ruby ​​or blue eyes, but some are black.
Polish rabbit race is almost similar to the Netherland Dwarf rabbit, just a little bigger. 16. HAVANA rabbit

Havana rabbit is a rabbit hobbyist preferred because of its quiet, gentle temperament, and coat soft and shiny. Satin Rabbit is actually derived from this Havana rabbits.
Havana rabbit first developed in the Netherlands in 1898. Then the rabbit Havana began to spread in Europe in 1908, in America in 1916, and has since then spread to other continents and countries, including Indonesia.

* The characteristics of Havana Rabbits: It has a small body, short, compact but with muscular shoulders.
* Has a small head with the neck is almost invisible.
* Originally to have a solid color (uniform color throughout the body) which is brown, black, and blue, but now also appears mottled due to cross another rabbit.
* It has a thin coat, very soft, and shiny degan about 2.5 cm long.
* Weight rata2 for this type of rabbit is 2.75 kg.

17. JERSEY WOOLY rabbits (Dwarf Angora Rabbits)

Jersey Wolly bunny rabbit is a dwarf type (small / dwarf) are new. Arba was first introduced to in 1984 by Bonnie S from New Jersey but has recognized the 1988 arba convention. Rabbit wollies jersey was originally developed as a pet with fur treatment (wool) is easy. Now rabbits jersey wooly rabbit is one of the most popular races since launched in 1988.
Jersey wooly rabbit Netherland Dwarf Rabbits developed through a French Angora rabbits in which the cross (cross) is a small pet with long hair. Although rabbit fur jersey woolies have a fairly long but not as hard to maintain the affairs of angora rabbits. This is because the bristles have a slightly rough texture that is easy to become tangled. Rabbits are known in Europe as the Dwarf Angora rabbits and tame this animal is known as well as smart, very appropriate for pets.
Standard weight jersey wooly rabbits 1.5 kg adult. Long live rabbits ranged from 7-10 years, but could be much longer if the treatment is very good.  

18. AMERICAN Sable rabbit

American sable rabbit species first appeared in 1924 derived from crossing Chinchilla rabbits by Otto B. Rabbit was recognized in 1931 and in 1970 began popular. Hereinafter the year 1982 is recognized by the Arba.
American Sable rabbit is big and large, has a docile temperament and happy to be pampered man, and his hobby is sleeping, and is very suitable for pets.
Sepia brown color of most of his body, there are also black, and on the ears, tail, face, back and legs dark brown or black sepianya. The lower part is somewhat faded sepia brown or black. To the male senior called after 6 months and a female 8 months. Weight of 8 kg adult rabbits. Generally have brown eyes and when exposed to light reflection will reveal a ruby ​​red color.  

19. Rabbits Chinchilla (Chinchilla AMERICAN)

Chinchilla's name is actually the name for the color. The basic color is gray chinchilla dark pearl gray color and black. Chinchilla fur color due to lack of yellow pigment, and because the optical effect of black hair and gray color that has a silvery gray appearance.
Chinchilla rabbits often called American Chinchilla, body shape and weight vary, there is a mini, is not even a giant. Suppose a giant chinchilla rabbits or often called Giant Chinchilla, derived from crosses between the Standard Chinchilla and Flemish Giant. Then the Fuzzy Lop rabbit Chinchilla real American Fuzzy Lop rabbits chinchilla colored.

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