Senin, 19 Maret 2012

how to raise rabbits for beginners

  1. Do not buy puppies rabbits under 2 months. That would result in rabbits die easily because their immune vulnerable.
  2. Rabbit in the pet store or the street is often said to be the age of 1 month, even some say 2 months. We do not know very well about it because we do not accept the delivery calendar. The traders often lie and say rabbits aged 1 month, although small, usually only the age of 20-25 days. If 2 months is not allowed to be purchased, then 1 month is clearly more serious.
  3. Rabbits under 3 months are very prone taken away far beyond the 100 km journey.
  4. Do not believe the rabbit should not be given water to drink. All living things need water to drink, especially rabbits puppies that had just separated from its mother.
  5. Do not believe that the rabbit needs enough drinking water from the grass. That's messed up, because the grass withered water content was minimal while the need for digestion with water and urine needs very much. Cooked or raw water is needed rabbit.
  6. Kale is not the best feed. Each tree type berbambu potentially save gas. Do not be fooled on the rabbit's favorite. Rabbits like spinach because of hunger and no other feed. If you have any so hungry.
  7. Kale and cabbage holds the potential of high gas and lead to urine odor (ammonia).
  8. Do not believe that the rainy season resulted in many deaths. Not about the rain season, but kelembabab and hygiene problem. If handled well can not be guaranteed a lot of deaths.
  9. Rabbit feed is grass. Children under 3 months of rabbits is more suitable than grass pellets. Giving pellets (or other solid food) such as pulp or bran may know but little. Only after 2.5 months of age may be more (about 50 grams) was a rabbit in the 3 months to 100gram per day. Children are more suitable grass rabbit for the digestive system is still unstable. If the pellets so much weight, especially if it is not given water to drink.
  10. The cause of scabies / budugen only one reason, namely because of dirty cages. Rabbits nails are often stepped on the dirt that normally transmit disease into the ear mange. Solution as a condition of absolute cleanliness. Foot / nail rabbit needs to be cleaned with warm water so that the bacteria / ticks on death. If you need to cut his nails though more secure.
  11. Carrots (net) is very good for rabbits Puppies and adult rabbits. Nutrition rabbit carrot seedlings were high that the very need to eat carrots. Avoid dirty and rotten carrots may cause gastrointestinal illness.
  12. Do not believe that rabbit pups can be taken away. Because it will wreck a rabbit pups under 2 months is still very vulnerable to stress. Stress resulting in impaired digestion, especially if less water and less fiber (grass).
  13. Do not trust the water to make a rabbit to death. That's stupid theory. Not the water that makes the dead, but because of illness. Disease caused by the battery bunny, protozoa or bacteria can come from anywhere. Including water. Make sure the water is clean. If you hit the dirt immediately replace the net.
  14. Do not believe any kind of rabbit it is commonly sold purebred offspring. We do not know about crossbreeding. At the age of 1 month may seem pure rabbit, but in adulthood its kind to be strange. Interbreeding usually occurs. If you want to seed a good suit should look at its parent company.
  15. Do not carry a rabbit on the road with cardboard boxes for generate heat and stuffy. Many events at the dead rabbit. If life is only a few days later died from the influence of many things, such as stress separation from the mother, long journeys, dehydration (water shortage) or stress due to the density of rabbits.

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